The City of Chaska is working to develop a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. Visit this site to contribute your ideas and comments, learn more about the project, and stay connected about the project.

The City of Chaska is working to develop a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan to:

  • Improve safety and comfort for all users of the City’s transportation network
  • Increase the number of people walking and biking in the City
  • Improve community health, quality of life and enjoyment for all Chaska residents, employees and visitors
  • Support ongoing efforts to become an even more walking- and biking-friendly community

Project Funding
The project is funded by a generous grant from Carver County Public Health and the Minnesota Statewide Health Improvement Partnership.

Assets in Place
The Chaska community has been working for several years to develop and provide a safe, equitable, and cohesive network of walking and biking facilities for residents and visitors.

The City has numerous assets in place today, including:

  • More than 70 miles of off-street bicycle trails
  • A thriving and walkable historic downtown
  • Numerous parks and recreation assets
  • Educational campaigns and events
  • An engaged community of residents, City staff and leaders seeking to elevate the walking and biking experience

Taking the Next Steps
The support, success and promise of these initiatives have highlighted the usefulness and potential of a formal plan for coordinating pedestrian and bicycle improvements. The City of Chaska Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan will provide that guidance for the next ten years of City investments.

Activities and timeline
The project began in late March 2021. A completed plan is expected on or before November 2021.