About Downtown Chaska

Historic downtown Chaska has something for everyone, visitors and residents alike. You’ll love exploring the unique specialty retail, vintage, art, and home décor shops. Hungry? Choose from a variety of local restaurants, eateries, and bars for a range of food and beverage options. Ready to be entertained? Check out the Chaska Curling Center, local parks and trails, museums, and more.

For all your family and business needs, downtown Chaska boasts a strong community of local or regionally owned service providers. You’ll find a full range of options for all your needs, including grocery, auto, financial, insurance, legal, health and wellness, real estate, photography, printing, pet care, music, and personal care.

Throughout the year, from season to season, Downtown Chaska hosts popular events year round from January’s ice fishing contest at Fireman’s Park to December’s Hometown Holiday. In between you’ll also enjoy our annual Easter Egg Hunt, Taste of Chaska, the Memorial Day Parade, farmers markets all season long, the SayHey5K, River City Days, and our Homecoming Parade.

Downtown Chaska is also the home to many churches, schools and government services. Chaska is the seat of Carver County and downtown is the site of its government center on East Fourth Street. The post office, state license bureau, library, city hall and police department are also conveniently located downtown.

A Long and Interesting History

Chaska was officially incorporated as a village in 1871 after first being inhabited by Native Americans and subsequently becoming an Anglo-American settlement in 1851. Originally what was the entire town is today’s downtown, containing many 19th century buildings and areas of historic significance that are a reflection of its commercial and industrial past. The Walnut Street Historic District is on the National Register of Historic Places.


You can read the Chaska Heritage Preservation Commission’s Historic Context Study section about downtown here »

One of downtown’s designated historic sites is beautiful City Square Park, also the site of three burial mounds representing the area’s prehistory. Today it is a community gathering spot in the heart of downtown and home to a variety of activities and events surrounding its vintage gazebo. The History Center located at 112 West Fourth Street can provide a wealth of information and a free walking tour map of historic downtown complete with color photos and descriptions.

Today’s downtown includes Firemen’s Park just north of Chaska Boulevard with its curling rink, event center, and restaurant in addition to its park and lake amenities, as well as the commercial area opposite it to the east of Hwy. 41.

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