You might not be able to guess by the name but spreading Christmas cheer is the goal of the 100 Club. For over 20 years, the 100 Club, a 501c3 non-profit comprised of a group of committed Christmas-loving citizens, has been helping supply lighting and decorations to Chaska. The name was coined from the annual fundraising event that is held on the first Sunday of December. The event was originally open to the first 100 invitees, who donated $100 to help fund new holiday projects.

The lighting and decorations in City Square Park and on lamp posts in Downtown Chaska were one of the first projects completed by the 100 Club. More recently, they helped bring the big, beautiful Christmas tree to Fireman’s Park. The annual fundraising event is held the first Sunday in December and is paired with a community celebration to light the Fireman’s Park Christmas tree.

You can help support the tree lighting and purchase future Christmas lighting and decoration by donating to the 100 Club or reaching out for other ways to get involved, including sponsorship or attending the fundraiser.